Care4Quality Health Care is Everyone’s Business

Care4 is an innovative fundraising partnership that empowers businesses to demonstrate social responsibility by making a financial commitment on behalf of their customers to Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and the Care4 partner work together to raise awareness of the relationship and the impact that these contributions have on patient care.

The principle of the program is simple, yet powerful in its multiplier effect.

When consumers make a purchase from a Care4 partner, a portion of the purchase (unique to each partner) directly supports patient care, education, research and equipment (which the government does not fund), across the supported sites of Hamilton Health Sciences.

We encourage you and other members of the community to support these partners and their commitment to Care4 our hospitals.

Interested in becoming a Care4 partner?

Please contact Stephanie at 905-521-2100 ext 47012

Find out more ways you can give as a business.