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Gift of Health – Holiday Messages

Dr. Teoh and the Heart Unit for a job well done.
Thank you. Also to the Angioplasty Department
– Florence Baert
At this special time of year we wish you a healthy
season. We send you our love and support
– Chris and Dave VanSickle
Wishing you good health and happiness in the new year. We are
so fortunate to have Hamilton Health Sciences Merry Christmas
– Norma Durber
You are in good hands! Trust in them and in God and be healed
– Colin
May God bless and heal you this holiday season.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
– Doris Herster
Merry Christmas to all the sick kids
– A. Pettorossi
There is always sunshine after the rain
– Eunice Mageran
Never give up, things will get better. Keep
a positive attitude and you will heal quicker
– Irene
Over and over I have thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for the care
he provided for me in 2013 through the drs. and nurses, therapists
and volunteers at Juravinski to help me get well. Merry Christmas
– Norma McGlashan
I hope you will be home for Christmas. It will be the best
Christmas gift for you and your family. A very Merry Christmas
– Helga Kneifel
I hope your treatment will be successful as you
pray to god for his healing power.
– Peter Crawford
May God bless you with his joy and peace at this Christmas
time and with improved health in the year ahead
– Lynda
Thinking of you during this special time of year! Praying
for each of you to be strong & healthy in the new year!
– Denice in Nova Scotia
Know that everyone wishes you the very best – always
– Dawn
May your Christmas be blessed with peace and joy
– Barbara Pratley
Focus on getting well. Enjoy every day with your family
and friends and take one day at a time. Stay positive
and good things will happen. Happy Holidays.
– J. Moore
Wishing you the blessing of Christmas
and improved health in 2015
– O & R Palmateer
Stay Strong…
– Joan Goodfield
Have a very Merry Christmas, every one
– Margaret LaFontaine
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
– The Medeiros Family
As you and your family celebrate this Christmas,
may you receive many blessings with love and prayers
– Ann & Alan
Wishing you a happy, blessed Christmas & much happiness
and good health in 2015. You are in my thoughts
– Joan Walker
Keep up the good work. Get better soon.
Merry Christmas
– Helen & William Eisan
God bless you now and always
– Arlene
I’m thankful to my Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ who
sustains me. Through the Juravinski Hospital, when
I received my treatment I got a second chance at life.
– Yost Schmitt
Wishing you the best holiday. I hope you receive
the special gift you are asking for and always
remember to pray
– Franca Cuce
May the true spirit of Christmas bless you
and happiness throughout the year
– Maria Alice Felizardo
Merry Christmas hope you get better soon.
May God bless & help you.
– Betty
I hope that you have a really nice Christmas
and that 2015 will bring you only good things
– Love Maud
A very special “Thank you” to Dr. Desmond Chin- Hung Kwok”
for saving the life of my husband
– Ede & Gloria Pos
May God bless you with a speedy recovery.
Merry Christmas we will pray for all
who are in the hospital at Christmas.
– Guido & Ruth Cipriani
Thank you for all your help
– Gary Fawcett
Dr. Chu, God Bless you
– Robert and Ann
To wish you a Merry Christmas and good health.
Juravinski is a wonderful facility.
I know because I was there for treatment
– Jennifer Evans
My daughter was a 2 lb preemie born at McMaster
and today she climbs mountains. You can too!
– Michelle & Brittany
Think Positive! And know that people you
don’t know are pulling for you
– Marilyn
Remember our thoughts and prayers are with you
as you go through this most difficult journey
– Ray Gilmour & Karen Cross
God Bless!
– June Ernst
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. My
prayers are with you for good health &
happiness. God Bless you all
– Marie Koroscil
Have a very Merry Christmas season with your friends
and family. May you feel strong in body and spirit
– Deborah Vickers
May the Season rekindle childhood joys, and
may your holiday be filled with childhood wonder.
Thinking of you!
– Brenda Brenner
May this holiday season bring you strength
and healing, comfort, peace and joy and
hope in Jesus
– Clover Smikle
Special people at the Hamilton General
Hospital make the world a better place to live
– Jen Mitchell
Merry Christmas
– Ron
Because of the excellent treatment at Juravinski
Hospital & Cancer Centre, I am still alive and doing
great! Thanks for everything!
– Edgar
I was a patient at Hamilton General and I am so thankful
for the excellent care I received! Wishing all your patients
a happy healthy Holiday Season
– William Punyi
To the children at McMaster Hospital may God
lift your spirit in the birth of Jesus Christ. You
are Loved
– Marion Richer
May the lord lift you in his arms & give
you peace, health & happiness all your life
– Jim Wright
Our thoughts & prayers are with you always. Our
son Justin was a patient there 19 years ago & we
will never forget his wonderful nurse Mary Jane
– The Boudreau Family
Hope you enjoy the Holidays. Myself I love
Christmas. May my God Bless you
– KT a 93 year old
My prayer is that you will be blessed with
good health and the presence of God will
remain with you at all times
– Gloria Kerr
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and sending
you get well wishes
– Larry and Kathy
To all of you young patients I wish that Jesus will heal
you soon and make all your wishes come true. To you
and your parents, I wish a Happy and Peaceful Holiday
– Love, Letizia Caporicci
Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a
year filled with happiness & laughter.
– David & Jacky Dixon
May God bless you and your family this
blessed Christmas season
– J. Denis Turner
Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year
– D. Wenham
The Holiday Season is no time to be in hospital
just to let you know you will be in my thoughts
and prayers this holiday season
– Edward Willis
Best wishes and hope to all for the holiday season and 2015!
– Shirley
You are beautiful and always count your blessings
– Christine Tenny
Blessings to all the families and wonderful staff at
HHS for a joyous holiday season
– The Iacobelli Family
We hope you enjoy as many Christmas celebrations as you
can this year! I hope Santa brings you something special and
that you feel much, much better soon! Much love and hugs,
– The Coleman Family
Thinking and praying for you this holiday season and always
– Lidia
May the blessings of the Christmas season
be with you all year long
– Dolores Young
To all the sick kids, there are better days ahead
thanks to the doctors and nurses. My son triplets
are now 15 years old and healthy. Thank you
– Rose Morrison
I wish you good health and peace in your heart.
– Nera Rossi
May creator God’s love surround and comfort you.
– Dr. and Mrs. Ken & Mary C. Jackson
As a former heart patient I know you are getting the best of care
as I went thru the same routine as you. Good luck in your recovery
and be back with your families soon
– Joseph Molen
Every day is one day closer to getting healthier so keep smiling
– Anonymous
Thinking of you this Christmas 2014 and our
thoughts and prayers go out to you for
improved health throughout 2015. Best Wishes
– Ernie & Shirley
Merry Christmas you little ones. Thinking of
you all and that you are getting stronger and
living with less pain, but are still smiling.
– LF
Merry Christmas, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Gudelis
and everyone at Juravinski. Enoy the holidays
– Lucien and Anita Verbuyst
Hope you have a great Christmas and that
2015 will be your year. God Bless
– Margaret
May the blessing of our Lord Jesus be in your
hearts as you go through this difficult time. Have faith
and be strong. I will always support. This will be beat
– John Paul Andrade
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year and I am hoping
that this will help you all
– Thelma Parasiuk
Hope this will help you. All the best “Abby”
– Betty & Al Lobb
May you & yours have a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
– Dennis
We want to wish everyone a very happy
& healthy Christmas
– Barb & Dave Wright
As someone who spent a memorable
Christmas eve in emergency, I hope you
are able to find a little holiday magic
– Siobhan
God bless you all! May his healing hand be upon you all,
and grant you peace and a full recovery of health and
wellness in your body. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
– Eileen Climie
From a cancer survivor keep smiling & have
a great Christmas, also have a happy new year.
Remember keep your spirits up with a smile on your face.
– Connie Stahlbaum
May you get well soon and have a great Christmas
at home. Here’s to a good & healthy 2015. God
bless you all
– Ernie & Marlene Ridsdale
Be happy & encouraged knowing you have
one of the finest teams of experts dedicated
to your wellbeing. It relaxes me
– Wayne Roche
Be strong, be positive even in the not so
good times. God’s blessings
– Port Dover
We wish you health above all, joy and love.
May you find strength in God as you continue
your “fight”. God Bless you and your family
– The Barrets
Keep your chin up! Say a “prayer” every day!
– Mary Frances DeRochie
Many blessings with great hope and a
bright future
– Mafalda DiDiodato family
May our God give you patience, strength and
a big hope for a cure. I will pray for you to bring
you joy and happiness at Christmas and New Years
– Dino & Rita Serafini
Believe in miracles and let god guide your way.
Merry Christmas. My family and I are praying you will
be better soon and home with your family. God Bless
– Lauraine
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Santa will look after you this Christmas.
– Paul Dickinson
May God bless you this holiday season. May you
get something special from Santa and your joy
will help some other children.
– Mr. H. Martin
I pray that God will guide the doctors and nurses at
McMaster Children’s Hospital in making all of you
healthy & well again
– Mrs. Joyce Riches
Emily Dickinson wrote: “Hope is the thing with feathers,
that perches in the soul and sings the tune without
words, and never stops at all”
– Joanne Lees
The greatest gift of all – “Jesus” saviour of the world.
He’s also the great physician who cares for you.
Peter 5:7 Merry Christmas
– Roy & Carole
Never give up on your faith as you will never be alone
– Marilyn Harrison
I hope your Christmas will be joyful and that
the New Year will bring glad tidings. God Bless.
– Joyce
Wishing you a Blessed Christmas! May the baby
Jesus relieve your pain and bring you to full
health and back home with your families
– Augusta Celli
I like your smile. Hope you always be happy.
– Dung Chung
I am a person who has experienced the stress and
anxiety of a loved one suffering a serious illness. I
truly wish you and your family a happy and healthy Christmas
– Lucinda
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Get well soon
– Paulos and Alice
Merry Christmas, hope you are feeling better
– P. Ford
May you have good health and many blessings
for this Christmas and always, Sincerely
– Leatrice Bennett
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jesus is the reason for the season
– Michael Ducker
Wishing everyone, patients and staff a safe and
healthy Christmas
– Jeanette & Don
May the good lord bring you love, joy and peace
during this Christmas season. You’re in my prayers
for a complete recovery
– Rejane Gagnon
Dear Abby, You have a beautiful smile!!
Pass it on, and may “Santa” smile on you all year long
– Thomas Kerr
Wish you all the best for health and happiness.
Hope your holiday season is a happy one with
family and friends
– Lenore
Hope your Christmas is a very special one and
The New Year brings new hope
– Jim
I wish for you a special moment each day and
much encouragement along the way
– Rita DeMoel
Wishing you peace, happiness and health.
Stay strong!
– Lori
Wishing you health and healing as the Christmas
season approaches. May God’s love surround
and comfort you
– Charlene Taylor
My family and I would like to wish everyone a
Happy and Joyous Holiday Season. May God send down
his healing power and bless everyone in their time of need
– Bob Lively and Family
The staff and equipment are amazing. The staff with their
knowledge, compassion and daily challenges still deliver excellence.
– Zofia Kata
With love and God’s blessing keep strong.
God bless you and your family, Love and Best wishes
– Olive
May God bless all the doctors and caregivers,
and may they continue with their skill and kindness
– Iris M. Wide
Our heart and prayers go out to you on this
holiday season wishing good health. May the sun
shine bright upon all patients
– C. Eybel
May God bestow this blessing on you for health and happiness
– Joyce Packwood
Dorothy, hopefully when you’re done with
your treatments you will be o.k.
– Betty
Merry Christmas “The Lord is my shepherd”
Jesus is the lamb of Christmas. The holy spirit
walks with you in your pain and struggles.
– Marlene Verduyn
Be strong and I hope you will be better soon!
Happy holidays!
– Luka Baljak
Have a very Merry Christmas to all at St. Peter’s
– Theresa Mulvale
Merry Christmas
– Al Ciccotti
Thinking of you all at this time during the holidays.
Wishing hope, healing and love
– Lucy and Mike Oakley
Merry Christmas and God Bless! Keep the faith!
Good things happen! My husband had prostate cancer,
had surgery & 39 treatments of radiation, cancer free
-Josie and John Ballman
Merry Christmas to all beautiful children & staff.
Remember you are never alone, we are there to
walk with you on your journey to health
– Anonymous
My daughter was at McMaster Children’s Hospital for
37 days. She was in the best of care and so are you.
With heartfelt sincerity
– Liz
This Christmas may God bless you with lots of health,
love, many friends and music to heal the soul
– Bernarda Islic at “The Quiet Corner”
Merry Christmas to all the children at McMaster Hospital.
I wish you all the very best results in the new year!
– Bonnie & John Barends
Merry Christmas to you all and lots of good health.
God bless all of your family and hope Santa Clause
will be good to you.
– Rose Anderson
Take strength from those around you, those who love
you and care for you. Their love makes life worthwhile.
– Norma
Dear Abby, Keep that beautiful smile you have,
I’m sure your mum is very proud of you. Have
a Merry Christmas! Lots of gifts
– Margaret Lambie
Wishing you the joy of Christmas, which is hope,
the spirit of Christmas, which is peace and the
essence of Christmas, which is love.
– Ted & Mitcheline
I hope you all continue to get well.
Have a very Merry Christmas
– Sandy Watt
Juravinski is a wonderful hospital. You are in good hands!
– Anonymous
The Lord died that we might love abundant life.
May it be yours. A joyous healthy Christmas.
– Pam Tallerton
I wish you all the very best in your road to
recovery. Mac Kids will get you there.
– Denise Barry
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a
happy healthy new year 2015
– Mario Daniele
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and New Year full of health and happiness.
– Rose Figueirdo
To all of you who are going through cancer. I wish the
blessings of a wonderful Christmas. I have dealt with
cancer twice so I know there is hope and healing may
the babe of Christmas be your strength – Hazel Chaulk
Always know that you are special and that
you are loved by so many people
– Lynne Duvnjak
The best Dr.’s are at Hamilton. They helped me
keep smiling and think positive. You will be all the
better for it. Merry Christmas to all
– J. Yates
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015
– Dave & Sharon
You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your smile is
the greatest gift to all of us who love you. Hope Santa
is good to you
– Evelyn Suitor
Wishing you better health!
– Gladys Huffman
It is my pleasure to contribute to HHSF. Your work
must be supported by the community.
Merry happy Christmas
– David T.L. Ball
Sincere wishes for the holiday season.
Peace… Joy… and serenity to all!
– Francesca Sciarra
To all the staff, patient and workers, our
prayer to the “Lord” for well-being and
have a happy holiday season
– Anonymous
Wishing you all that the true meaning of
Christmas brings, Love, Health, Happiness & Peace
– Mary Anne
Thank you to all doctors & staff at Hamilton
Health Sciences. Keep up the good work
– Tim & Susan Milligan
Happy Holidays and God Bless you
– Anonymous
I pray for all those really sick peoples around us
God Bless
– Reina Racicot
To Joe, you are in good hands. Thanks to the General Hospital
– Olinda T.
To all the angels who attend the babies in the
Neonatal Unit. My heartfelt thanks. Without your care
& dedication we would not have our grandson – Keigi
– Denise Mouter
Thanks to all the staff members of the Endoscopy
center at Juravinski Hospital
– Lucien Losier
Hi Abby, I hope you and your family have a happy holiday
– George Hamilton
Pease get better for the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas!
– Frank
Be positive and have faith in your doctors & nurses. Think
of thoughts and things that make you happy. It worked
for me! 3 years in remission, Happy Holidays
– Guy Simpson
God Bless you and give you his healing
– Eileen
All the best
– Joe and Anna
Please get well soon
– Helen
Wishing you a blessed Christmas this holiday season
and may this coming year be full of peace and good health
– George and Marisa Varas
Thinking of you all at this holiday season and of my
granddaughter who was born 3 months early and
weighed 2 lbs. She is now 22 years old.
– Gwen Farmer
Hope the new year brings you joy and good health.
Hope it will be filled with happiness and joy.
– Kathryn Snow
May the grace of God be with you always
– Ann & Jack Halliday
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
– Bonnie
I am very happy to support you in your time of need.
Have a Happy Holiday Season
– Rosemary Salamone
Dear Abby, your very special bright glowing smile brightened up my day
as I am sure you brighten up everyone who comes in contact with you.
May you and all the very special children at Mac have a very Merry Christmas.
– Love Bette