When a Stroke Strikes

Bill Wilcox of Hamilton will never forget the day in October 2017 when he suddenly dropped to the floor and was unable to get back up.

Patient Bill Wilcox

Bill Wilcox

“It was terrifying to realize that I couldn’t speak and my right side was paralyzed,” Bill recalls. “I’d had a stroke and needed medical attention right away.”

Bill’s wife called an ambulance and he was rushed to Hamilton General Hospital, home to the largest Integrated Stroke Program in Ontario. Dr. Ashkan Shoamanesh administered a type of medication called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which dissolves clots and improves blood flow to the brain.

“They saved my life.”

The journey home

Luckily his condition improved rapidly after receiving two tPA doses and he was soon back on his feet. Bill had no long-term side effects from the stroke and was healthy enough to return home within a couple of days.

“They saved my life and I am grateful for the first-class care I received at The General. I encourage others to support the Foundation with donations to help patients in need.”