Headshot of Dr. Ramsay MacKay

A Letter From a Frontline Hero – Dr. Ramsay MacNay

“Back when the pandemic began, I was particularly worried about my most susceptible patients, as many of them have weakened immune systems or have a history of getting bad infections from their breathing and feeding tubes.”

A Thank You message with photos of hospital donations in the background.

COVID-19 | Community Recognition

We are so grateful for your financial donations and vital contributions of food and personal protective equipment for the teams at Hamilton Health Sciences.

Child & Youth Mental Health. A family of support. A young girl with a group of adults standing behind her.

Investing in the Mental Health of Tomorrow’s Adults

Recognizing the importance of supporting mental health services for pediatric patients and their families, Sobeys Inc. and The Sobey Foundation announced its national partnership with Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.

A doctor overlooks a patient lying down in the O-arm, a 2D/3D imaging system.

The Next Level of Spine Surgery

Advancements in technology used during spinal surgery are providing numerous benefits for patients and surgical teams. Orthopedic surgeons at Hamilton Health Sciences, specifically those at Hamilton General Hospital and McMaster Children’s Hospital, now have the critical equipment to take advantage of those advancements.

Care4 logo

Four Local Businesses Join Care4 Program

We are pleased to announce that Vineland Estates Winery, Forsythe Health Care, Joseph Tassoni Face Coverings and Healthy Planet Canada have joined our Care4 cause marketing program.

A singer holding a microphone. Unplugged logo. An unforgettable virtual concert experience.

UNPLUGGED – March 7, 2021

On Sunday, March 7, join us for a new experience.

Joseph wearing a face mask

New Partnership With Joseph Tassoni

We are proud to partner with Joseph Tassoni, a Burlington-based Canadian high-end fashion brand to develop a custom Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation non-medical face covering this is available for $15.

Cooper poses for a photo while wearing a winter jacket.

From the Baseball Diamond to Surgery

Cooper’s CT scan showed a large tumour on the right side of his brain. He was immediately transferred to McMaster Children’s Hospital for urgent surgery.

Dr. Constantine Samaan holds a clipboard next to a computer.

Coping with Childhood Diabetes

When the COVID-19 crisis arose, Dr. Samaan realized that an expansion of the virtual platform would greatly benefit pediatric patients and families trying to manage childhood diabetes at home.

Talat is reflecting by a window

Overcoming the Stresses and Stigma of Social Anxiety

Talat from Hamilton began to feel anxious and shaky around other people. He grew increasingly stressed at school and he began to worry incessantly about what his teachers were thinking about him.