Today’s Clinical Trials …Tomorrow’s Standard of Care

The Clinical Trials Program is one of the ways in which the teams at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre stay at the forefront of cancer care. Before a new treatment can be used, it must go through the clinical trial process.

StemCell“Once a trial is confirmed to be positive, it becomes the next standard of care,” says Dr. Andrew Arnold, Head of Clinical Trials at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. “Whenever you start a new trial, there’s always the excitement that this new treatment might end up being the next breakthrough in cancer.”

Dr. Sébastien Hotte, Medical Oncologist and Head of Phase 1 Programme, explains that patients may be eligible to participate in a cancer clinical trial if traditional methods of cancer treatment are not appropriate options.

Recent clinical trials have focused on precision cancer care, which involves tailored treatments that target abnormalities found in a tumour’s DNA. One such trial involves the use of a virus in conjunction with a vaccine to detect and attack cancer cells without affecting non-cancerous tissues.

“What I’m most passionate about is meeting patients and seeing them through their journey,” says Dr. Hotte, “and then seeing the results as we care for them with these new and exciting treatments.”