The Future of Neurosurgery

We have initiated a campaign to purchase two neurosurgical microscopes, which are critical to performing highly sensitive surgical procedures for both pediatric and adult patients.
A brain imageThese microscopes provide state-of-the-art optics to help guide surgeons who are conducting cranial, tumour or spine surgery. Neurosurgery in particular requires work on tiny and delicate structures within the brain and these instruments enable the micro-precision required.

The new neurosurgical microscopes will be essential for conducting a broad range of procedures for conditions such as:

• brain cancer
• spinal cord tumours or lesions
• aneurysms
• injuries at the base of the skull
• trauma requiring reconstructive surgeries
• ear, nose and throat complications
• malformations between arteries and veins

The enhanced visualization allows surgical teams to perform more accurate and efficient procedures, which will greatly enhance patient care.

Your support is vital to help us acquire these essential microscopes, which will replace our current, older models.