Charles and Margaret Juravinski

Charles and Margaret Juravinski Invest (Again!)

Charles and Margaret Juravinski have turned the tables on the typical birthday tradition of receiving gifts. Instead, Margaret and Charles, who turned 91 on Nov. 1, chose to give a gift – a new investment of $3 million to support health research through the Juravinski Research Institute.

Ron and Nancy Clark Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies Unit

Expanding Capacity to Care for Patients with Blood Cancers

A newly expanded unit for patients needing treatment for blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia officially opened at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre on October 30, 2020. 

Headshot of Dr. Tom Kouroukis

Cellular Therapy to Combat Blood Cancer

“The newest form of cellular therapy we’re conducting is CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) T-cell therapy,” explains Dr. Tom Kouroukis. “We were privileged to be one of the first two sites for adult CAR T-cell therapy in Canada.”

Headshot of Deena Klodot

Navigating Cancer Care for Indigenous Patients

Providing inclusive and effective health care involves understanding and respecting the needs of diverse cultures. That is one reason why the Indigenous Cancer Care Program at Juravinski Cancer Centre is so important.

Headshot of Riley Crotta

Enhancing Care with Diverse Voices and Perspectives

Greater understanding. Innovative thinking. New points of view. These are some of the outcomes when the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre holds its bi-monthly meetings.

Scott smiles for a photo in front of a fence

Conquering Cancer for his Son

The very sight of food made him feel sick to his stomach. Scott from Niagara Falls was at a family gathering in August 2013 when the nausea and the pain in his lower left side began.

Child Life Specialist Heather McKean

Supporting Families of Cancer Patients

To ensure that the needs of the entire family are met, a donor-funded pilot study is aiming to improve the quality of life for cancer patients by addressing the needs of their children.

Cyndy smiles for a photo in front of some trees.

Critical Care for Colon Cancer

Cyndy McLean was diagnosed with colon cancer, which had metastasized to her liver. After surgery was conducted, a follow-up scan determined that additional treatment was necessary.

A close up of a staff member wearing PPE and injecting stem cells into a vile.

How Are Stem Cells Preserved?

Autologous transplants (which use a patient’s own stem cells), are collected from a patient and infused at a later date. The Stem Cell Laboratory plays a vital role in preserving these stem cells.

A collage of photos and a large Thank You message.

A Message From Our CEO – Celebrating Our Loyal Donors

Over the last 10 years, donors have helped Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation contribute nearly $150 million toward patient care. And while 2020 has been a challenging year, our donors and the community at large have stepped up in heartwarming ways to support the frontline clinical teams as they provide vital care during the COVID-19 crisis.