Promoting Exercise for Cancer Patients

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is especially important for patients with cancer.

Dr. Jonathan Sussman smiling

Dr. Jonathan Sussman

“The benefits of exercise include enhancing quality of life and building muscular and cardiorespiratory strength,” says Dr. Jonathan Sussman, a Radiation Oncologist at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. “Any physical activity is beneficial, but patients should perform exercises that are comfortable and safe.”

Standardizing care

Dr. Sussman and his team are conducting research to help standardize how care providers integrate and recommend exercise as part of a patient’s treatment plan.

“We surveyed all care providers who interact with cancer patients, such as doctors, nurses and therapists,” explains Dr. Sussman. “Our data showed that care providers understood the importance of exercise, but there was still a learning curve when it came to recommending the most appropriate exercise routine for patients.”

“Donor support enables more exercise-related research.”

Donor support of research

Support from the Foundation is helping Dr. Sussman and his team to conduct ongoing research.

“The results from our Foundation-funded study have now been published, which has generated interest in extending this study to all cancer centres across Ontario. Donor support enables more exercise-related research and will help clinical teams provide better care to patients.”