Plastic Surgery – More Than Skin Deep

Dr. Nick Strumas at his computer that shows an x-ray of a hand.

When people hear the term “plastic surgery,” they often think of celebrities having a facelift to look more youthful.

“That’s referring to ‘cosmetic surgery,’ which is not what we do at the Plastic and Orthopedic Surgery Clinic,” explains Dr. Nick Strumas, a plastic surgeon at McMaster University Medical Centre. “We help pediatric and adult patients who require reconstructive work because of a congenital defect, traumatic injury or a disease like skin cancer.”

Form meets function

Dr. Strumas often treats children with a cleft lip or palate, using the patient’s own tissue to repair the abnormality.

“Plastic surgery is about more than just outward appearances.”

“This is an example of how plastic surgery is about more than just a person’s appearance,” he says. “These patients may experience difficulties eating, drinking or speaking, so having plastic surgery can improve their quality of life in a very real way.”

Treating trauma

The Plastic and Orthopedic Surgery Clinic also cares for patients who have experienced a traumatic incident, such a motor-vehicle collision or a workplace accident.

People with skin cancer and pediatric burn patients also benefit from Dr. Strumas’s care. Hand fractures are commonly treated at the clinic, and surgeries are performed to reconstruct nerves and restore physical function in patients with nerve damage.

“Plastic surgery is about more than just outward appearances,” says Dr. Strumas. “It’s about helping patients live life to its fullest.”