Partnering to Save Children’s Lives

Just like adults, newborns can experience strokes, aneurysms or any other neurological complications. Neurologist Dr. Brian van Adel knows this first hand. Working with his colleagues at McMaster Children’s Hospital has allowed him to perform neurosurgery on patients as young as a year and a half. He has performed procedures to remove blood clots in the brain and surgery to correct vascular malformation to prevent hemorrhaging.

Dr. Brian van Adel

Dr. Brian van Adel

“To perform endovascular surgery on kids with blood vessel issues in the brain, you need a special piece of equipment called a biplane angiogram machine,” says Dr. van Adel. “Using this technology, we are able to collaborate with pediatric specialists at Hamilton Health Sciences to ensure close-to-home care for young patients as well as the adult population.”

The donor-funded biplane angiogram machine uses two mounted rotating cameras to produce a high-definition 3-D image of the area under examination.

“We’re able to perform more complex surgeries, and at a substantially lower radiation dose than with other imaging equipment.”

Pediatric patients are transferred to Hamilton General Hospital from McMaster Children’s Hospital along with a team of pediatric specialists, such as anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists and ICU nurses. This is an example of how specialized teams across Hamilton Health Sciences collaborate to enhance the patient experience.

“Helping young people with their whole lives ahead of them is extremely rewarding,” says Dr. van Adel. “We’ve had some incredible success stories and expanding the pediatric services is something we’re looking at as we continue building this partnership program.”