Our Mission:
Our mission is to raise funds and manage donor gifts for the purpose of supporting outstanding clinical care and research for the communities served by Hamilton Health Sciences

Our Vision:
A community fully embracing the importance of health, while enabling excellence in philanthropy and the achievement of our goal of Health Care, Transformed.

Our Values:
The Foundation believes that relationships and partnership are the basis of excellence in fundraising. Therefore we will:

  • Treat all donors, the Hospital and others with integrity, respect and appreciation
  • Be accountable to our donors and the community
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in our activities

Our Creed:
Health Care, Transformed
Each dawn brings into our world a new mosaic of people, patients,  staff, and critical needs.  Needs for funding to support patient care, medical equipment, specialized programs, education and research.   It is a unique blend of needs that inspires us to do our very best.

While we are a mosaic, each one of us unique in our skills and talents, we are united in our desire to make a difference as we bring our own passion and commitment to our roles.   It is our desire to inspire those we encounter on our daily journey to join with us, as we raise funds to support our region’s health and well-being.

We seek to inspire by telling the stories of our patients and our staff.  They are the friends, families and loved ones of people who rely on the care we support.   It is their stories that have the power to influence and transform an idea or thought into a gift.

Gifts come in many forms, each has its own unique value and role in supporting our Foundation.   We remain focused on inspiring the confidence of the community as their charity of choice.  A charity that welcomes all contributions great and small that will provide for the needs of our hospitals.  A contribution that enables each hospital in our family to have the equipment and environment that enables caring and compassionate health care.

An environment, where through funding for world-leading research, the next treatment, cause or cure can be found.  Each day we remain focused on those who can help us to transform a life.  The life of today’s patient or tomorrow’s.

Together, we are united as we commit to our goal of achieving health care, transformed.