Leaving a Legacy Gift Because “It’s the Right Thing to Do”

The importance of supporting McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation hits close to home for Alan and Sheila O’Brien of Vineland. Without the specialized care provided by McMaster Children’s Hospital, two of their grandchildren might not have grown to reach the ages of 16 and 12 respectively.

Sheila and Alan O'Brien

Sheila and Alan O’Brien

“Our grandson was born very premature in Niagara Falls and he was airlifted to McMaster Children’s Hospital,” recalls Sheila. “Our granddaughter is terminally ill with Mitochondrial disease, and she also receives amazing care. She is the happiest child you’ll ever meet. All ten of our grandchildren are a blessing to us.”

The O’Briens have always been committed to social causes, and their personal experience with their grandchildren inspired them to become regular supporters of McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“The care provided by every department was unbelievable,” says Sheila. “McMaster Children’s Hospital became a big part of our lives, which is what inspired us to become monthly donors. We’ve been very fortunate in the life that we lead, so why not pay it forward to charitable organizations that we really trust and believe in?”

According to Alan, they had long considered the possibility of leaving a legacy gift to support McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“When we were doing our Will about three years ago, we decided that we would leave a legacy gift. It was always our intention, but we decided to make it more formal in case something happened to us.”
Alan O’Brien

Alan and Sheila realized that they could have “the best of both worlds” in terms of supporting their grandchildren in the present, while also leaving a gift that will benefit them in the future.

“Some people shy away from leaving a legacy gift because they want to leave everything they have to their children,” says Alan. “We realized that one way we can help our children and grandchildren now is by being monthly donors to McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation, while also helping them in the future with a legacy gift. This can also help our grandchildren’s children.”

Sheila’s inspiration for being a legacy donor is quite simple.

“We wanted to give back and make a difference,” she says. “It’s the right thing to do.”

The Legacy team at Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is happy to help you leave your legacy.
Email legacy@hhsc.ca or call 905-522-3863.