Inspired Donor Puts Investments to Work

Each year since 2011, Ancaster resident Margaret Davidson has made a donation of securities to Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation in support of the Pain Management Centre at Hamilton General Hospital.

Margaret DavidsonThe former Investment Counsellor, who for years lived in chronic pain, has developed a strong connection to the Centre since moving to the area from Montreal following her retirement. About six years ago, Margaret began to experience terrible sciatica, a compression of the sciatic nerve that can cause intense and debilitating pain in the lower back and leg. “The pain was excruciating and was severely affecting my ability to walk,” says Margaret.

Thankfully, she was referred to the Pain Management Centre by a friend and fellow patient of Dr. Rhydderch, who was quickly able to get Margaret’s pain under control with epidural injections of pain killers. After Dr. Rhydderch’s retirement, Margaret’s care was transferred to Dr. Blain, another pain specialist at the Centre, who she now sees every six months for treatment. Margaret has benefitted tremendously from the care she has received and this experience inspired her to begin supporting in the hopes of increasing accessibility and enhancing care for other patients.

“I know the clinic is over stretched and not everyone who could benefit is able to access the care they need in a timely fashion. Suffering in agony is not a pleasant way to spend your life – it affects your mobility and it affects your spirit. There is only so long you can live in pain before you start to give up.”
Margaret Davidson

For Margaret, the tax implications of donating securities made it an attractive way to give back to a cause that is so important to her. “The direct donation of shares eliminated any capital gains on their increased value. This allowed me not only to give at higher level, but also resulted in a greater net donation to the Foundation.”

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