Helping Paul Return Home

The pain in his hip had become unbearable.

Patient Paul Terris at St. Peter's Hospital

Paul Terris

In October 2017, Paul Terris of Hamilton was admitted to Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, where scans revealed the cause of his debilitating pain.

“They found that I had septic arthritis,” Paul explains. “An infection developed in the top of my femur, which was causing the pain. The infection had also spread to my prostate and I required long-term antibiotic therapy to fight the infection throughout my body and reduce inflammation.”

A new discovery

Additional scans revealed that he was also suffering from spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of channels in the bones that puts extra pressure on spinal nerves. This condition was contributing to his mobility and pain issues.

“The care I received across Hamilton Health Sciences has been a life-changing experience.”

Paul underwent spinal decompression surgery at Hamilton General Hospital in February 2018, after which he was transferred to the Medically Complex Care Program at St. Peter’s Hospital to continue his recovery.

“Extensive physiotherapy was part of my program to help build strength and endurance,” says Paul. “Eventually I progressed to the point where I could be discharged from the Medically Complex Program.”

Going home

After spending several months at St. Peter’s Hospital, Paul returned home in time to enjoy the summer weather with his wife at their new home, which is more accessible than their previous residence.

“The care I received across Hamilton Health Sciences has been a life-changing experience. It helped me realize how lucky I am in life. I am grateful for everything the doctors, nurses and staff have done for me on my journey.”