Helping Patients Live Life to the Fullest

Missing a limb does not mean missing out on life. Prosthetics & Orthotics - IMG_1762 - EditThanks to the services provided by the state-of-the-art Prosthetics and Orthotics Program at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre, children and adults with missing limbs are able to swim, run and play hockey.

“The program designs and creates custom artificial limbs and support devices for those who have had an amputation or were born without a limb,” explains Brad Haarding, Clinical Manager of the Prosthetics and Orthotics Program.

The specialists in the program are passionate about creating customized devices for patients of all ages based on their lifestyles and goals. In the past, the program has built special limbs to aid with such activities as swimming, weight-lifting and skating.

The new facilities at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre were specially designed for the program, creating a more comfortable environment for both staff and patients. The fitting space has direct access to a therapeutic playground, where patients can practice using their new device.

“Some patients need new devices for different stages of development and are entering a lifetime of care with us,” says Brad. “They are a part of the family and we will help them throughout their journey.”