From Headache to Brain Cancer

“It began with a minor headache,” says Ravinderpal Duggal from Brampton. “Then I felt pain on the right side of my body and my vision started to blur.”

Ravinderpal Duggal poses for a photo.

Ravinderpal Duggal

Testing at a Mississauga hospital revealed a shocking discovery of glioblastoma – a cancerous brain tumour.

“My doctors told me I was lucky that I visited them in time,” Ravinderpal explains. “The situation could have been fatal.”

Emergency surgery in Mississauga successfully removed most of the tumour, but ongoing chemotherapy and radiation were required to shrink the remainder of the mass.

Choosing Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

Ravinderpal’s neurologist gave him the option of where he would like to receive his follow-up treatment. He chose Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.

“I knew I wanted to stay at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre the moment I walked through the door. The entire team was very compassionate and organized. They created a positive atmosphere and helped me through one of the most difficult moments in my life.”

Ravinderpal underwent a month of radiation and oral chemotherapy under the guidance of Dr. William McMillan. He currently visits Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre every three months for an MRI and blood work, followed by consultations with neuro-oncologist Dr. Alejandro Torres-Trejo.

“I’m feeling much better now,” says Ravinderpal. “My life was saved thanks to doctors and staff at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.”

Care that touches the whole family

Having family along for the cancer journey is important for Ravinderpal, who immigrated from India 14 years ago.

“I knew I wanted to stay at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre the moment I walked through the door.”

“My cousin had tears of happiness in his eyes during one of my visits. When I asked why he was crying, he said it was because of the incredible care I’m receiving. He was grateful that our family lives in Canada where remarkable health care is available.”

Paying it forward

Ravinderpal hopes to return to his job as a mortgage development manager in the near future. He encourages others to make a donation to the Foundation to help patients when they need it most.

“I love my job because I help people achieve their dreams. Your donation to the Foundation will help other people achieve their dreams too.”