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A Letter From a Frontline Hero – Dr. Ramsay MacNay

Headshot of Dr. Ramsay MacKay

The following letter was written by Dr. Ramsay MacNay.

This has been a year unlike any other…

Working with children is my passion, and the thought of these vulnerable children contracting COVID-19 has been very distressing for me – both professionally and personally.

My name is Dr. Ramsay MacNay, and I am a pediatrician at McMaster Children’s Hospital. Back when the pandemic began, I was particularly worried about my most susceptible patients, as many of them have weakened immune systems or have a history of getting bad infections from their breathing and feeding tubes. Having the necessary equipment has been extremely important, because that is what’s required to care for pediatric patients with many different medical conditions and challenges.

That’s why I’m writing this letter. Generous supporters of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation have made an incredible difference not only to countless children and their loved ones, but also the frontline caregivers. Thank you.

Now, as we approach the holiday season, I am asking you to please consider making a truly special Gift of Health at the end of this very challenging year. When you send in your gift by December 31, it will be matched to have double the impact!*

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My role as a pediatric physician is to provide care to children in the Complex Care Ward and Emergency Department at McMaster Children’s Hospital. I specialize in pediatric “complex care.” This refers to patients who have chronic medical conditions – often a number of them in combination – which require regular and frequent treatment.

Over the past several months, I have cared for children with COVID-19, including a six-week-old boy from Hamilton named Phoenix. Phoenix was diagnosed with the virus after developing a fever and a bad cough. He stayed at McMaster Children’s Hospital for two days and required breathing support, including extensive suctioning to clear his airways of mucous. Phoenix was the first COVID-19 child we had to admit, and he was also one of the sickest patients I have treated in terms of this pandemic. I was relieved when his condition began to improve, and Phoenix was able to safely go home again with his mother.

The most fulfilling part of my job is helping children like Phoenix recover and get back to the comfort of their families. I love when families send me photos after their treatment, and I get to see these kids, now happy and healthy. It is a truly heartwarming feeling, and I am so proud of our team at McMaster Children’s Hospital who work so hard to make that happen.

That’s why your donation is so important right now. When you make a Gift of Health today, you are helping to ensure that our health care teams have the resources they require to deliver the best possible care to our patients.

It has been emotional and exhausting. But we are getting through this together. Our wonderful staff members are here to support one another, and as a generous donor, you can support them too. This experience has taken teamwork to a whole new level.

The holiday season is about spending time with loved ones. I’m happy when I am able to give the Gift of Health so that children can spend this special time at home with their families. And I hope you will take this opportunity to double the value of your donation by sending in your Gift of Health.

At the end of this unprecedented year, you can make a truly exceptional gift that will touch so many lives. Thank you, and on behalf of everyone at McMaster Children’s Hospital, I’m sending you and your loved ones the warmest of holiday wishes and a true spirit of hope for brighter days ahead.


Dr. Ramsay MacNay
McMaster Children’s Hospital

*Gift of Health donations received by December 31, 2020 will be matched to a maximum of $140,000.