We need your support to equip St. Peter’s Hospital’s comprehensive range of patient programs with the Essentials for Excellence so the health care teams can continue to provide the very best care.

Donor funds support the needs of patients, of all ages, who rely on the specialized complex, geriatric, restorative and palliative care offered at St. Peter’s Hospital. As equipment is not funded by the government, your support can help fund the acquisition of essential equipment to ensure that patients are given the best care when they need it most.

Shower Redevelopment

The current shower facilities in three units at St. Peter’s Hospital are outdated and do not adequately serve the needs of patients or staff, in terms of both comfort and safety. Identified as a priority area for improvement, the showers are extremely small, enclosed spaces that are not ideal for the numerous patients who cannot stand up and require additional room for a shower chair. The updated, larger shower spaces will be more comfortable for patients and will address safety concerns. New shower facilities are overdue at St. Peter’s Hospital and we need your support to fund the redevelopment of these critical patient care spaces.

Ongoing Equipment Needs

St. Peter’s Hospital has an ongoing need for a range of smaller equipment and therapeutic items for patient programs. Additional amenities for patient comfort and safety, such as a variety of patient chairs and vital sign monitors, are in continuous need.

St. Peter’s Hospital – Research Fellowship

These funds support a research fellow who is focused on exploring the impact of medications, in addition to exercise and nutrition strategies, in modifying the severity of frailty, shortening seniors’ length of hospital stays and increasing independence.

We’re transforming health care with your help.

To support Essentials for Excellence at St. Peter’s Hospital, please contact The Foundation at 905-522-3863 or make a donation by clicking here.