We need your support to equip Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre’s comprehensive range of patient programs with the Essentials for Excellence so the health care teams can continue to provide the very best care.

Donor support is vital to helping Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre deliver specialized cancer and orthopedic care to patients throughout the region. As equipment is not funded by the government, your support can help fund the acquisition of essential equipment to ensure that patients are given the best care when they need it most.

Arthroplasty/Orthopedic Program

The Arthroplasty/Orthopedic Program is focused on total joint (hip and knee) replacements and provides surgery for orthopedic complicatiArthroplasty/Orthopedic Programons associated with cancer. Nearly 1,800 joint replacements are performed at the hospital annually and the rising demand for these procedures, as the population ages and obesity rates climb, is creating an urgent need for funding both immediate and future equipment needs.

The equipment needed includes a range of surgical power tools, continuous passive motion devices that assist with the reconditioning of those who have undergone a knee replacement, and patient room upgrades.

Anesthesia Machine – Five needed

Anesthesia machines are an essential piece of operating room equipment that deliver anesthetic in precise concentrations and monitor the patient’s vital signs during surgical procedures. The machines also send information automatically to those monitoring the patient in the operating room and they store that information for follow-up.

Flash Steam Sterilizer

Sterilizers are used in various departments throughout Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. A “flash” sterilizer is an essential piece of operating room equipment that is used to facilitate urgent patient care. By having sterilizers on hand, unnecessary delays in surgery and the Emergency Department can be avoided. A second sterilizer is needed so that surgical tools can be reused quickly during a surgical procedure, having a continuous rotation of equipment at the ready.

Nuclear Medicine SPECT/CT Camera

This type of camera takes two different types of scans, with the images from each being merged together. The combined scan provides more precise information about both function (SPECT) and anatomy (CT), supporting detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients. This technology offers a lower radiation dose, is more efficient and increases patient comfort, and will replace an older model which is at its end-of-life.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre – Grants and Education Program

Grants are awarded on a thematic basis and are designed to promote larger, more substantive cancer-based research studies. The program also provides seed funding for pilot studies in order to generate preliminary data that can be used to attract larger grants. This program also includes the Educational Grants.

We’re transforming health care with your help. 

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