Essentials for Excellence – Interventional Radiology

The Foundation will enable help for more patients by raising $1.5-million needed for the Interventional Radiology Program, a high-tech and versatile program that supports the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using the least invasive techniques.

Essentials_logo1“Interventional Radiology uses the latest in imaging technology to precisely target medical therapy,” says Dr. George Markose, Interventional Radiologist, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.

The program uses a variety of diagnostic imaging equipment such as CT, ultrasound and MRIs in conjunction with surgical instruments so the physician can view the organ or organ system while conducting a procedure. Interventional Radiology can be used to conduct a wide variety of procedures, such as: biopsying a mass, inserting a dialysis catheter, or injecting chemotherapy at a higher dose directly to the tumour.

“Interventional Radiology has significant advantages over other treatment methods,” says Dr. Markose. “Patients can have the majority of their procedures done as day cases, then be at home in a matter of three to four hours.”

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