Equipping The General with Strides

Last year’s Strides For The General raised a record-breaking $209,650 and supported the purchase of vital equipment and patient amenities at Hamilton General Hospital and the Regional Rehabilitation Centre.

Equipment This included an ultrasound machine, diagnostic imaging probes and vital signs monitors – all of which help the clinical teams provide the best possible patient care.

New equipment

A new ceiling lift was also purchased with proceeds, as was a Sara Stedy. They are both valuable tools in helping mobility-challenged patients to reach a standing position from a laying or sitting position.

As well, funds raised enabled the purchase of specialized wheelchairs, a transport board and a transfer chair to help patients.

Time to Stride

These are only a few examples of how proceeds from Strides are making a real difference in the lives of patients at The General who live in communities throughout south-central Ontario. We hope you will join us at Strides 2018 on September 15.