Complexity of Care at St. Peter’s Hospital

Working toward the achievement of a patient’s personal goal for recovery – that is the underlying role of the Medically Complex Care team at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Pam Westover, Clinical Manager

Pam Westover, Clinical Manager of Medically Complex Care, St. Peter’s Hospital

This multidisciplinary group of caregivers is dedicated to helping patients who have multiple or complex needs resulting from an acute injury, chronic illness, degenerative disease or neurological condition.

Helping patients succeed

“We’re focused on helping patients achieve their goals, whether that’s returning home or transferring to another facility that will meet their ongoing care needs,” explains Pam Westover, Clinical Manager of Medically Complex Care at St. Peter’s Hospital. “Our 63-bed inpatient unit provides care for adult patients of all ages with a wide range of medical diagnoses.”

The Medically Complex Care Unit has helped patients like Chris Weylie, who was born with a rare disorder called hypophosphatasia that affects the development of bone and joints. Physiotherapy improved his quality of life by maximizing his functional abilities and allowing him to progress in his patient journey.

“Our team is very dedicated and supportive of our patients and their families,” says Pam. “I love working with the great caregivers at St. Peter’s Hospital and we take pride in the work we do.”