Caring for Children with Cancer

A parent’s world is turned upside down when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

MacKid Mila and McMaster Children's Hospital

MacKid Mila, a brain cancer patient

More than 900 children and youth receive cancer care at McMaster Children’s Hospital each year. Child Life Specialists are a part of the health care team and help parents and children adapt as they cope with this devastating disease.

“The hospital environment plays an important role in healing.”
– Nate Seroski

“It is our honour to help turn patients’ and parents’ worst nightmares into a road of healing,” says Nancy Stefin, a Child Life Specialist. “Our entire team smiles when we learn that a patient has smiled for the first time since their diagnosis. It reassures parents.”

Expanding for the future

McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation is currently fundraising to renovate and expand the third-floor oncology clinic and upgrade the in-house pharmacy, which will improve the delivery of care and enhance the patient experience.

“The hospital environment plays an important role in healing,” says Child Life Specialist Nate Seroski. “A refurbished clinic means an enhanced space for love, laughter, hugs and cuddles for patients and families when they need it most.”