Being a “Good Neighbour”

Imagine being unable to afford a wheelchair, hygiene products or clothing. For a few patients at St. Peter’s Hospital, this is their reality. Personal equipment and amenities are not funded by the government, and some patients and their families are unable to pay for these necessities. To help ease the financial burden for patients, the Good Neighbour Fund was established.

At St. Peter’s Hospital, social workers, case managers or other care team members submit a request to purchase amenities for their patients with money from the Good Neighbour Fund. Some of the items purchased in 2016 include an electric homecare bed with mattress, a heated humidifier and anti-tippers for a wheelchair.

Some patients require specific equipment in order to be discharged so they can return home or be transferred to a long-term care facility. The Good Neighbour Fund facilitates the acquisition of such equipment, so patients can leave the hospital, which frees up a bed for a new patient.

Staff at St. Peter’s Hospital support the Good Neighbour Fund through proceeds from the Jeans for a Means payroll deduction program. However, support from the community is needed to give more patients access to essential amenities. To learn more about the Good Neighbour Fund or to make a donation, please call the St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation office at 905-521-2100 ext. 12247.