A World’s First at The General

An interventional cardiology team led by Dr. Tej Sheth at Hamilton General Hospital conducted the world’s first clinical trial of a new hybrid imaging catheter on a patient.

Dr. Tej Sheth holds some papers while talking to a colleague.

Dr. Tej Sheth

“Previously, if we wanted to look inside of a patient’s artery for an angiogram or an angioplasty, we had to choose between one of two different technologies in a catheter,” explains Dr. Sheth. “Each has its own advantages, but they couldn’t be used at the same time.”

Tomorrow’s technology, today

The new hybrid imaging catheter, which was developed in Canada, miniaturizes both technologies so they can be combined at the tip of a single device.

“I’m excited about the potential of this new catheter.”

Having access to both types of imagery at the same time enables clinicians to better visualize the internal tissues of blood vessels, as well as any cholesterol, fat or calcium deposits.

“We’re pleased that Hamilton General Hospital played a role in establishing the clinical value of this latest-generation technology,” says Dr. Sheth. “I’m excited about the potential of this new catheter to significantly impact the care we offer patients.”