A Special Gift

Iris Foris lost her only child Raymond to AIDS-related complications in 1991 before the introduction of antiretroviral drugs. To honour her son and assist those in our community, Iris kindly left a gift in her will to benefit health care and those living with HIV.

Raymond Foris

Raymond Foris

Committed to care

Compassionate, confidential and committed to care, the Hamilton Health Sciences Special Immunology Services (SIS) Clinic and its multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals serve patients living with HIV in our community by helping to manage every aspect of their health care.

The team includes doctors who are specialists in immunology and infectious diseases; a pediatrician who treats infants, children and adolescents; a clinical leader; nurses, social workers; a pharmacist; a dietitian; a business clerk and researchers.

The clinic cares for approximately 950 patients, the vast majority of whom are under 40 years of age, including children and teens. The team works closely with community partners to support these individuals to live long, healthy and productive lives.

Iris’s gift

Equipment within the SIS Clinic is utilized extensively and consistently. In the case of vital signs monitors, they must be reliable as well as accurate.

Iris’s bequest has allowed the SIS Clinic to purchase new, state-of-the-art vital signs monitors that measure a patient’s pulse, blood pressure and temperature. As the government does not fund the purchase of equipment, Iris’s generosity and forethought in including a gift in her will is having a significant and positive impact on the care provided by the SIS Clinic team, now and into the future.