It really is brain surgery!

When surgical precision matters most, a neurosurgical microscope can make a life-saving difference.

New neurosurgical microscopes enable surgeons to travel through the pathways of a patient’s veins and arteries, performing procedures with a level of detail that was once considered unattainable. Now they help provide the best surgical experience and outcomes for patients young and old alike.

“This cutting edge technology will allow us to provide the best available care to our patients and help teach the next generation of surgeons.”- Dr. Blake Yarascavitch, Neurosurgeon, Hamilton Health Sciences

Neurosurgical microscopes are precision surgical instruments, with complex surgeon-controlled robotics to enable enhanced visualization for highly delicate surgery, such as brain tumours, aneurysms, and reconstructive surgery involving blood vessels and nerves.

With leading neurosurgeons and new neurosurgical microscopes in place at Hamilton Health Sciences’ McMaster Children’s Hospital and Hamilton General Hospital sites, patients of all ages will benefit from the enhanced precision and increased magnification this technology affords. Oncology patients with brain or spine cancers or tumours, who normally receive treatment at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, will also benefit as their surgeries will performed at Hamilton General Hospital.

Help us lead the way…

The purchase of newest-generation technology positions Hamilton Health Sciences as just one of two hospitals in Ontario with access to this life-enhancing surgical technology, and one of the just five hospitals in Canada.

Hamilton Health Sciences will be the only hospital in Canada to have two of these state-of-the-art neurosurgical microscopes, helping further position Hamilton Health Sciences as a neurosurgical leader.

Your contribution will make a difference for our neurosurgical patients.

To envision the level of micro-detail, once thought unimaginable, think about the quality of your television screens 10 years ago compared to the latest HD or 4K technology.

High-definition vision helps brain tumours and lesions to be removed with fewer surgeries, and results in faster and more successful recovery for patients.